Here Comes The Blenders

leejohndrowteamWhen I was perhaps 6 or 7 my dad bought my mom a blender.  Gadgets were a big thing in those days. And he showed her how to use it. I remember my mom experimenting with milk shakes and such.  She made salad dressings and other things but desserts and drinks is what I remember. That blender sat on the counter next to the refrigerator. I watched carefully. I played with it, pushing all the buttons to hear it speed up or slow down.

There came a day when she left me home because I was sick or she had to do an errand. I thought I will make a milk shake. Well, then I started think about something like a Black Cow drink. You know? With soda in it…

So in went the ice cream, milk, vanilla, chocolate syrup and ice. No root beer or cola, so I added ginger ale. I hit the top speed button and within seconds the black top with the glass center blew off and the kitchen was coated with my drink.

Experiment 2047 learned. Carbonation (the fizzy) when shaken or blended EXPLODES!

Another learning experience. (And cleaning experience.)