Why Record It?

leejohndrowteamI was a child of the 60’s. Born in 1955, I quickly embraced the 60’s. I remember learning to dance The Mashed Potatoes and The Twist with Brookie, a friend of the family. By 1960 my folks had moved to the country. Moving us out of East Haven and into the small farm community of Northford. We lived in a farm house on an old dairy farm.

I remember my first record club from RCA, followed soon after by one with Columbia. All the music that followed the Beatles showing up.

Woodstock, free love, Vietnam. We had it all.

My heart is to return not to the craziness of the age (Or that of any other.)but to remind us of simpler times. Times where music blossomed and amazing toys appeared. To remember the history, both good and bad, that has brought us to this place.

I think it is okay to be a little nostalgic. To remember times of your childhood. To share the history with your family, your friends and others.

That friends is my hope.